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We provide the very best in HR, with a singular mission to exceed your expectations. Our Megastar Services not only enable operational efficiency — they help build high-trust cultures where one person's success elevates the success of your entire business.

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The costs of hiring an external agency may be high if you think you’re just buying a resume. But what if you’re buying a properly vetted candidate who is already excited about your company and your mission? Megastar HR's relationship-driven strategy gives you access to candidates you would never encounter through traditional recruiting approaches. We offer full recruiting process management, as well as ad hoc recruiting customized to your hiring needs.
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Compensation Analysis

68% of employees would switch jobs for more pay transparency. Your compensation report will help you make informed decisions about how to attract and retain employees. Whether you need market benchmarking for one position, company-wide pay banding, an internal equity evaluation, or a pay compliance review, we stand ready to support your compensation needs.
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Payroll Administration

Timely and accurate pay is the basis of trust between employees and employers. Using your existing payroll system or one of our recommendations, we can manage everything from payroll processing to PTO accruals to custom payroll reports. Let us handle the pains of payroll, so all you have to look forward to is the profit.
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HR Audit

Your biggest compliance risk, the one that could cost your company thousands and sour its reputation, is probably something you're not aware of. Our HR audit uncovers these risks and presents a mitigation plan to help keep your company protected. We also offer an audit against HR best practices to identify areas that could yield higher value. Whether you need an audit of all employee records or only I-9s, all HR processes or just your recruiting strategy, you'll feel more secure with Megastar HR.
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Employee Handbook & Policies

Don't risk lawsuits & mass confusion with a template you found online. Get a custom employee handbook written by HR experts. Your handbook will not only be compliant with state and federal law, but it will also be tailored to your unique practices, culture, and policies. Whether you need an updated version of your existing handbook or you're starting from scratch, you'll get a quick turnaround so you can introduce it to your team.
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Job Descriptions

Are you seeking top talent for your organization, revamping your onboarding process, preparing to conduct performance reviews, or restructuring your organization? You’re going to need up-to-date, compelling job descriptions that accurately convey the expectations of the role. We conduct position analyses by surveying team members and leaders, and comparing against industry standards. At the end of this process, your company will have clearly defined job descriptions tailored to each unique position.
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Compliance Training

Our synchronous or asynhronous trainings are clear and interactive — so what employees learn actually sticks. We offer HR Compliance for Leaders, Harassment and Discrimination Prevention, Interviewing Best Practices, Integrity and Ethics, HIPAA and Cybersecurity, OSHA and Safety, and more. The benefits of compliance training go beyond meeting government laws. Effective training helps prevent problems in your workplace, demonstrates respect for your employees and clients, and protects your company's reputation.
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Mergers & Acquisitions

Every merger or acquisition is intricate, with nuances unique to each company. We customize support for HR due diligence and company integration, with respect to the strategic approach, agreement negotiations, and ingrained cultures. Both companies deserve a thoughtful approach that maintains the flow of operations and employee engagement.
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HR Consulting

For an hourly fee, your Megastar HR Business Partner is only a call, chat, or email away. Your Partner remains your main point of contact, and will triage support to the HR experts who can best help answer your questions or solve your concerns. Our goal is to provide such seamless suppport that it feels like we're members of your internal team.
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Full-service HR Outsourcing

Learning & Development
Job Descriptions
Employee Engagement
HR Training
HRIS Management
Benefits Administration
Employee Relations
Who says you can't have it all? With our Stellar Plan, you'll have access to all of the above. We'll work with you to design a support level based on your company's dynamic needs, and provide deliverables within your selected services. Your HR Business Partner will be there for you via email, phone, and chat to answer questions from managers and employees. And with all that off your plate, you'll have more time for inspiring vision and driving growth.
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The STAR Implementation System


If you send us a message or call our office, you'll probably talk to Teri, our brilliant Director of Growth. We promise you'll love her. She'll set up a discovery call to get to know your business, current supports, and pain points. You'll meet the HR Partner who will be your single point of contact for all HR-related questions and concerns. Based on what you share, we'll provide an overview of services that can best maximize your goals.

Take Off

Together, we'll select the plan best suited for your business, sign a consulting agreement, and launch the partnership. From there, we'll introduce ourselves to your team and begin implementing our first-rate services.


We'll conduct an audit based on the services you selected. This includes identifying associated risks and inefficiencies. Then we'll build a plan of action for best-practice solutions that align with your specific business needs.


At this point, we've finished the onboarding process. HR processes are seamless, employees
are productive — but that doesn't mean we stop finding ways to get to the next level. We'll refine
our services according to changes in employment law and to your dynamic business needs. We'll meet regularly with you to share your workplace analytics report and align on how we can best continue serving you.
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