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We fulfill our mission when you achieve yours.

How many times has your day been derailed by critical HR issues? Our next-level strategic and administrative HR solutions free you to focus on growth and customer needs.

Discover the plan that will make your business shine.
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Get insights that support internal equity, boost market competitiveness, and secure compliance with government regulations.

"We hired Megastar to evaluate our compensation plan. They were very thorough and meticulous in their work. [They] provided a comprehensive report with actionable changes to our compensation strategy. I highly recommend this company."

— American Research Bureau
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We fulfill our mission when you achieve yours.

How many times has your day been derailed by critical HR issues? Our next-level strategic and administrative HR solutions free you to focus on growth and enjoy your time again, both in and out of the office.

Discover the plan that will make your business shine.
Average Turnover Rate in 2020:
Decrease turnover and save
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Attract the right fit for your company
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Improve employee engagement
  • 75 responsibilities off your plate

    HR encompasses over 75 recurring responsibilities. How many of those responsibilities are taking up your time or your employees’ time? From routine tasks to strategic business planning, Megastar HR can take care of the things you didn’t even know could be outsourced.
  • Go Further Together

    You can have all the pieces of your business set up, but you’ll only move as fast as your team is prepared to go. We help you cultivate a workplace where everyone feels valued and motivated to do their best work. We believe you don’t have to sacrifice happiness for performance — in fact, we leverage happiness to increase performance.
  • The most efficient solution to HR

    Don’t settle for costly, limited in-house HR or PEOs. With Megastar HR, you can be sure our services are fast, comprehensive, and cost-effective. See how HR outsourcing can be more efficient than other options, especially for small- and medium-sized businesses.
  • Worry-free compliance

    As a successful professional, uncharted territory can be thrilling, offering up new opportunities for development. But one thing that should always be straightforward is compliance. If what you don’t know puts you at risk of legal penalties, Megastar HR’s full compliance audit will put your mind at ease.
  • Maximize your greatest asset

    If “all business problems are people problems," then your people are the solution. It can be hard to tell when someone needs extra support or how to ensure team members are  benefiting from professional development. We help businesses achieve their goals by optimizing each team member’s success.
  • Hire the best fit for your company

    They’re out there. You know they’re out there. There are 7.753 billion people in the world and, now more than ever, many are looking for a career change. But you don’t want just anybody. You want someone with talent that wows, someone who fits seamlessly into your company’s culture. So who are they, and how do you attract them to your company? These are questions Megastar HR can answer.
  • Never look at another time sheet again

    Payday should be a celebration for a job well done. So why is it often preceded by headaches and hours spent making sense of spreadsheets? (How can someone log “around” six hours?) Many companies struggle with unreliable time trackers, late or inaccurate paychecks, and tedious tax filing and reporting. Megastar HR makes payroll easy.
  • Let us be the bad guys

    You can be gentle about it, but it's never easy to let someone go. The fear of termination can tarnish relationships with team members, and if you happen to terminate someone outside of your legal rights, it can land you in trouble. Let Megastar HR be the bad guys, and you can focus on building great relationships with your team.

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