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49% of employees will begin a new job search after 2 paycheck errors.*
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Payday should be a celebration of a job well done! So why is it often preceded by headaches and hours spent making sense of time worked, deductions, and last-minute changes? Many companies struggle with unreliable time trackers, late or inaccurate paychecks, and tedious tax filings. Megastar HR makes payroll easy, with expert administrative and consultative support.
  • Payroll Compliance Audit
  • Payroll Processing and Tax Filings
  • Benefit Deductions, Garnishments, and Support Orders
  • Time & Attendance Tracking and Approvals
  • Paid time off Accruals and Payouts
  • Compensation Analysis
  • Total Rewards Statements
  • Custom Payroll Reports
  • Employment Verification
  • Unlimited HR Consultation
An in-house Payroll Administrator averages a $94K salary. Even then, their area of expertise is payroll, which means they lack a broad understanding of related operations, such as compliance and benefits. As needed, your Payroll Partner triages support from our other Megastar HR experts for less than the price of one average Payroll Administrator.
Even small businesses spend at least 32 hours a month on HR tasks, including payroll administration. What if those hours were focused on driving revenue growth? Alternatively, what's the potential cost of an unskilled employee running payroll, resulting in an expensive wage and hour claim? Megastar HR provides secure payroll administration everyone can rely on.

Payroll Compliance Audit

A payroll audit identifies potential risks, minimizes the potential for fraud and misuse, and improves financial reporting. But auditing can be a time-consuming, complex process. If there’s an issue with the systems or procedures you use, you will continue to see errors every payroll period. Megastar HR provides a payroll audit that identifies your compliance risks and liabilities before they become a problem. We may find mistakes on the payroll that can cost your business thousands of dollars in lawsuits, penalties, and back wages.

Megastar HR thoroughly reviews your payroll records to ensure that employees are being paid accurately, on time, and in compliance with the law. We recommend internal controls that protect you from common errors, such as inaccurately classifying employees, miscalculating overtime wages, and paying incorrect tax rates, as well as potential fraud and IRS audits.

Our audit includes a review and recommendations for:

  • FLSA classifications and overtime
  • Paid time off, breaks, and travel practices
  • Financial controls, tax filings, and record retention
Because overtime and minimum wage laws can change, it’s important to do a payroll audit every year to best manage and correct current and future issues.

Payroll Processing

Megastar HR calculates timesheets and wages and ensures the correct amount of taxes is deducted from each paycheck. While we take care of administrative tasks, such as tax, benefit, and garnishment deductions, you have more time to focus on your core business.
Megastar HR offers payroll system flexibility. We can use your existing payroll system or one of our recommended top-tier systems. Our Compensation and Benefits Partners are proficient in several top-tier payroll platforms - plus, we’re quick learners! We can use your systems and pick up where you left off for a smooth transition.
Alternatively, our recommended systems offer an array of features that cater to your distinct business needs. These
systems have intuitive cloud-based employee self-service for time and attendance tracking, expense reports, and time-off requests and approvals. You’ll never have to rely on paper timesheets or manual data entry again.
We will seamlessly integrate and transfer all data into your selected platform. During this process, we will support any
changes you wish to make and provide training to your leaders and employees so everyone is ready upon going live.

We partner with the top payroll systems.

(Don't see your payroll system below? We're happy to use yours!)

Compensation Analysis

A compensation analysis evaluates a company’s pay structure, drawing insights that support internal equity, market competitiveness, and compliance with government regulations.
Megastar HR benchmarks and validates compensation, generating data based on unique job titles, so everything is precisely tailored to your company. Our pay equity and market analyses help you make informed decisions about compensation. We make recommendations for resolving any concerns we find during analysis and provide a compensation structure that validates your compensation philosophy.
In addition, more and more states require companies to include salary ranges in their job postings or upon request. You can increase pay transparency using our recommended pay banding, tailored to each position within operable geographic zones.

With Megastar HR’s comprehensive compensation analysis, you can

  • Verify compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act.
  • See how your employees’ pay compares with market and regional positions.
  • Prevent workplace discrimination claims by ensuring all employees are receiving equitable pay, based on merit.
  • Validate pay decisions with a transparent compensation philosophy.
  • Identify gaps and project future and budgetary workforce needs.
  • Use career path benchmarks to guide employee raises and promotions.
  • Drive decisions that attract and retain employees.

Total Rewards Statements

Total Rewards statements should include all aspects of an employee’s compensation package, including salaries, bonuses, commissions, and benefits, such as paid time off, insurance, and retirement plans. A well-designed Total Rewards statement can help boost retention and motivation by highlighting what each employee cares about the most. It serves to remind employees how much you value them, as well as how much value they get by working for you.
Total Rewards Statements also increase trust and pay transparency by communicating how each employee’s pay has been determined. This helps employees understand your compensation philosophy and prevent concerns about unequitable treatment.

Custom Payroll Reports

Make data-driven decisions about payroll, compensation, and scheduling with at-a-glance payroll reports for each
pay period. Reports can also include comparative data against previous payroll periods, quarters, or years.

Megastar HR tailors the contents to your preferences within the following scopes:

  • Company-wide: snapshot of compensation, deductions, and taxes.
  • Employee: paystubs, compensation, taxes, and deductions.
  • Time: hours worked, overtime accrued, and paid time off.
  • Payroll Tax Liability: quarterly and annual forms to federal, state, and local governments.

Employment Verification

By law, employers must confirm that their employees are eligible to work in the United States. We verify the identity and eligibility of new employees by matching information given by the employee against government records.

Unlimited HR Consultation

With Megastar HR, you have a dedicated, single point-of-contact Payroll Partner available via phone, chat, and email. This means no more getting a different person every time you call! We respond promptly to answer questions and consult on payroll best practices.

Security Guaranteed

In addition to standard liability insurance coverages, Megastar HR safeguards sensitive information through additional cyber security coverage with closed-loop risk management.

Safeguards include:

  • Protection against cyber threats.
  • Security breach expense.
  • Security breach liability.
  • Information security liability.
  • Restoration of electronic data.
  • Extortion threats.
  • Public relations expenses.

*“$100,000 Bill” Survey, The Future Workplace (2017)

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