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Together, success shines brighter.

Founder and CEO Beca Mark had spent years supporting businesses with amazing missions. These people were changing lives, but they weren’t making the progress they were capable of.

Wherever Beca was hired on, she found that their biggest barriers usually stemmed from HR issues. No matter how groundbreaking the product or how skilled the team, a business cannot thrive when overwhelmed by day-to-day operations. But when team members are free to innovate, they can make a greater impact.

Just one problem: HR doesn't exactly have the best reputation. To leadership, it's often seen as purely an administrative function. To team members, it's seen as an overbearing disciplinarian. Beca's greatest strength — one that would help her rise to leadership in the HR industry — was to approach every HR function strategically, bridge leadership and team perspectives, and generate solutions through empowered problem solving. She quickly earned invitations to executive board meetings and flipped HR’s reputation from a necessary evil to an essential element for growth.

Beca recognized that, instead of supporting only one mission, she could amplify her personal impact by supporting multiple missions. Soon after, she formed a team and founded Megastar HR. Together with our partners, we cultivate an environment where one person's success maximizes the success of the entire business. And when great businesses thrive, so do their communities. We can't imagine a better way to make an impact.

A little more effort goes a long way.

This is the mindset that created Megastar HR. We do more than fill a role; we demonstrably elevate our partners’ success and help executives realize their vision. Our top-tier services are possible through a dependable system:

  1. Holistic service: We provide comprehensive services and flexible plans, with HR experts on standby to assist with any challenges or questions. 
  2. Strategic approach: For every service, from training to payroll, we consider what will help employees thrive now and enable long-term growth. 
  3. Backed by best practices: With high ethical standards, we keep you up to date with laws and regulations, industry trends, and workplace best practices. 
  4. Tailored to your business: Even within your industry, your business does not have the same mission, operations, culture, and needs as other businesses, so why should HR be one-size-fits-all?  

When every HR need is fulfilled with holistic service, approached with strategy, backed by best practices, and tailored to your business, there's less oversight and stronger, more exceptional teams. A little investment in us means a whole lot of return for you.  

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