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With Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), you're getting more than a resume. We customize services to your short- and long-term hiring goals. Megastar HR partners with you to hire top talent and provide ongoing management and refinement of your recruiting practices. So in addition to great candidates, you get a process designed to keep them coming.
Maximized Reach: In talent acquisition, it's all about who you know. We cast a wide net with tools, resources, and experience you won't often find with an internal recruitment team.
Tailored Support: We take time to understand the big picture of how a position will support the mission, values, and goals of your company, and customize our approach to find the right fit.
90-day Guarantee: If you decide a hire isn’t a great fit within 90 days, we will hire a replacement at no additional charge.
To attract top talent, you must be a top employer that provides candidates an ideal recruitment experience. Megastar HR supports you in providing a best-practices, consistent process most likely to achieve recruitment success. Your dedicated Talent Acquisition Partner (TAP) works with you to design support from the following options, tailored to your company's distinct needs.
Candidate Vetting: We vet candidates based on qualifications, culture add, and career goals.
Applicant Tracking: We manage all job postings, applications, candidate tracking, and interview scheduling.
Weekly Progress Reports: We meet with hiring managers each week to address priorities and strategize goals.
Policy Review & Training: We review recruitment policies and provide interview training to leadership as required.
Candidate Attraction Strategy: We advise on company branding and reviews on employment websites.
Market Benchmarking: We analyze current market comp and advise on becoming a competitive, preferred employer.
Reference Checks: We conduct reference checks as required.
Candidate Agreement Templates: We provide customizable, attorney-reviewed candidate agreement templates.
Offer Negotiation Guidance: We provide guidance on offer negotiations that generate a win for you and the candidate.
Pre-employment Services: We facilitate pre-employment physical exams, background checks, and drug/alcohol testing.

Recruitment Process


Launch partnership

After signing an agreement, we launch the partnership! We manage the recruitment process from here. Your role at this stage is figuring out what to do with all the extra time you’ll have!

Align and strategize

We discuss your company’s goals and position details, and then align on a recruitment process that best suits your preferences, such as how fast you want to make the hire, and how much ownership you want over the process.

Source qualified candidates

We ensure that your recruitment platforms are fully branded and attractive to potential candidates. From there, we write and place job posts, maximizing your brand’s reach through your accounts. We establish a smooth applicant flow and screen resumes, sharing your applicant tracking system (ATS) or standing ready to provide our best-in-class systems.

Recommend top talent

When a candidate who meets the necessary qualifications applies, we do an initial screening to evaluate their competencies, attitude, and culture fit. We coordinate interviews and pass along quality candidates to you immediately after screening, so you don’t have to wait until the end of the week or month to sift through an overwhelming batch of candidates.

Extend an offer

Once a decision has been reached, we’ll check references to ensure this is the best possible person for the job. Then we’ll extend an employment offer, facilitate offer negotiations as needed, and congratulate you and your new employee!

Our Guarantee

Once in a blue moon, a hire may not turn out to be a great fit for your company. If the employee leaves within the first 90 days, we’ll provide a qualified replacement at no additional cost. We are committed to securing the best possible hire for your needs!

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* Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association (2020)

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