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Refer a lead. Get a 10% fee when they sign on.

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Are you a recruiter or staffing agency with so much growth it's getting hard to keep up? Do you want to expand your reach to include Megastar HR's network? Our team can support your recruitment processes! We proactively target qualified candidates, screen for position, mission, and culture fit, and pass on the very best to you for the final steps. If you'd like more hires in half the time, let's talk! Contact us about becoming a Megastar HR Referral Partner.
Other Companies
Do you have a service or product that maximizes productivity, streamlines processes, increases employee engagement, or otherwise makes work easier and better than ever before? We want to hear from you! Companies that refer their clients to us get a 10% fee after the lead signs on.

Megastar HR will also recommend your product or service to our partners when applicable to their needs. We operate with an abundance mindset: by collaborating with and promoting other great companies, we increase the value of our services and set up our partners for even greater success.

If this sounds like an ideal partnership, let's talk! Contact us about becoming a Megastar HR Referral Partner. Thanks in advance, and we look forward to partnering with you!

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