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A great leader brings out the best in a team.
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Executive Search

The search for executive leadership begins with an important decision: Will you accept anyone who can do the job, or are you willing to invest in a targeted search for the person who can transform your business?

The consequences of hiring the wrong person for a senior position can cascade down every level. At Megastar HR, we guarantee the best fit for the role through a rigorous search and appraisal. We understand the nuances of leadership competencies, the value of culture add, and alignment of the candidate's career goals with your company's vision. We only pursue and present candidates that go above and beyond the job description. 

A great leader brings out the best in a team. So let us bring out the best-in-leadership. We're confident you'll love the result.

Our Process

Megastar HR specializes in recruiting mid-to senior-level management. To secure top leaders, the recruitment process must be competitive from beginning to end. Our unique, relationship-driven recruitment strategy allows us to target the most promising candidates in ways typical staffing agencies cannot.

Our Guarantee

We are confident in our ability to match candidates and clients for long-term success. Once in a blue moon, a hire may not turn out to be a great fit for your company. If the employee leaves within the first 90 days, we’ll provide a qualified replacement at no additional cost. We are committed to securing the best possible hire for your needs!

The Megastar Advantage

Megastar HR

Intro rate: 10% placement fee
($150K x 10% = $15K per hire)

Staffing Agency

20 – 35% placement fee
($150K x 20% = $30K per hire)

Why trust Megastar HR over in-house recruitment alone?

When astronomers want to find new stars or planets, they don't spend the night looking through a telescope. They enter the search parameters into an observatory computer, and then they walk away to focus on other priorities. Meanwhile, the control system creates an optimized plan based on these parameters and systematically scans the sky for a match. The system is connected to an extensive database — so it already knows where to look for the best chances of finding a match, and automatically disregards what doesn't.

If an observatory could deliver stars directly to your office, it would just about line up with what our team can do for you:

Maximized Reach: In talent acquisition, it's all about who you know. The “post and pray” approach is no longer effective, because the most skilled, sought-after candidates aren’t digging through job boards looking for opportunities. Instead, we take a targeted, proactive approach, casting a wide net with tools, resources, and experience you won't often find with an internal recruitment team. 

Tailored Support: Our mission is not just to find candidates with the right skills and experience. We take time to understand the big picture of how a position will support the mission, values, and goals of your company and customize our approach to find the right fit. We are committed to understanding your distinct needs and delivering the ideal hire who will bring lasting value to your company.  

Methodical Process: The time you spend on talent acquisition can be better spent on other priorities. With a proven process, we thoroughly search for, identify, and secure the best fit for your business, while minimizing hiring lag and its disruptions to your operations. With the right hire, you also reduce the risk of turnover and its productivity costs.

Positive Candidate Experience: No matter what the job market looks like, the best candidates will always have their first pick of opportunities. Creating a first-in-class experience may make the difference between them becoming your greatest asset or greatest competitor. From the initial contact to hire, Megastar HR is fully responsive to the needs and goals of its candidates. We deliver a white glove, personalized approach built on strong relationships, so every candidate has the best possible introduction to your company.  

Confidentiality: We understand the importance of confidentiality when searching for a replacement. In these situations, we source candidates carefully and discreetly to allow for a smooth transition.  

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