Everyone Knows HR is the Worst

May 22, 2022

Let's face it.

Everyone hates HR.

We’re the killjoys. The disciplinarians. We demand absolute compliance and nitpick our way through every policy. We thrive in the messy and heavy parts of business, from tedious payroll to awkward terminations.

HR tends to deal with the messy and heavy parts of running a business. When someone has to be fired, we break the news. When a company is at risk of a lawsuit, we protect it. When an employee is furious with management, we step in and intervene.

And we do more than make employees miserable. We thrive off repetitive tasks, like processing payroll. We jump at the opportunity to dig into legal policies and inspect offices for safety violations. And while acronyms like ADA, HIPAA, OSHA, ACA, FMLA, COBRA, QSEHRA, ERISA, FSA, and HSA intimidate some people, they're part of our everyday vocabulary. 

It's no wonder people see HR as the bad guys.   

We completely agree, of course. In fact, our original company values were Sadistic, Hateful, Insipid, Nosy, and Evil—until our PR manager convinced us to promote a more positive image

We get it. Outsourcing HR can be scary—you’re inviting an external agency that doesn’t know anything about your business and trusting them to handle sensitive information. But you’re getting HR experts who know best practices better than anyone, and they excel at tailoring these practices to fit your business. You’re also supported by multiple HR experts, each specializing in their own function, for less than the cost of one in-house HR generalist. 

So yes, we’re in the HR industry knowing everyone hates HR. But we don’t mind coming in with a bad guy reputation. We think you’ll love us anyways, because we’re just that good.  

About the Author

Jennifer earned her BA in English from Utah Valley University and is SHRM-CP certified. She manages the review process and assists other functions in developing quality assets for our partners. Her mission is to facilitate fast, accurate, and clear communications that establish Megastar HR as a leader in the HR industry. She loves reading, HEMA, and learning about the human brain.

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