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68% of employees would consider switching jobs for more pay transparency.¹
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Market Analysis
Learn how your compensation stacks up against market peers. We benchmark each position, employee location, and pay to help you understand where you are lagging,
matching, or leading the market.
Pay Banding
Using internal and market values, we build frameworks for making consistent and equitable pay decisions. Defined pay bands help companies attract, motivate, and retain top talent through clear promotional paths and performance expectations.
Compliance Review
10 – 20% of businesses have misclassified an employee as exempt from overtime, putting themselves at risk of lawsuits, penalties, and back wages. We'll alert you of any potential misclassifications so you can feel confident in your company's compliance.
Internal Equity Review
Despite best intentions, companies may have pay gaps that are not only inequitable, but also discriminatory and illegal. Put your mind at ease with an internal review of compensation against gender, race, age, and other protected classes.

Notice: States now requiring employers to include pay range on job postings

Check requirements in your state


Up-to-date Data
We benchmark and validate compensation through LaborIQ, which offers “18 trillion data points that are validated against 8.6
million company pay stubs.” We work directly with LaborIQ to generate data based on unique job titles, so everything is precisely
tailored to your company.
Actionable Results
Use our pay equity and market analyses to make informed decisions about compensation. We make recommendations for resolving
any concerns we find during analysis, and provide a compensation structure aligned with your compensation philosophy.
Full Legal Compliance
More and more states are requiring companies to include salary ranges in their job postings or upon request. You can increase
pay transparency using our recommended pay banding, tailored to each position within operable geographic zones.


  • Avoid penalties and back pay by verifying compliance with
    FLSA exempt classifications.
  • Drive decisions that attract, retain, and motivate employees
    based on market pay data.
  • Prevent workplace discrimination claims and legal liability
    by ensuring equitable pay.
  • Demonstrate commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Use career path benchmarks to guide employee raises and

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