ADA Accommodation Request

Megastar HR values the contribution and innovation brought forth by individuals of all abilities. We do our absolute best to assist any candidate’s need for accommodation during the employment application, skills assessment, interview, and other stages of the hiring process.
If you have a disability or special need that requires accommodation to navigate our hiring process, please complete the form below or contact us at
Please note:
  • This Accommodation Request should be used only by candidates who need accommodations in the hiring process.
  • This is also not the place to ask general questions about the hiring process or if experiencing technical difficulties. Visit our Contact Us page to reach a Megastar HR representative.

  • ADA Statement

    Megastar HR is committed to granting accommodations to any partner, team member, or candidate requesting reasonable assistance under the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). Accommodations may be granted for, but are not limited to, assistance in completing applications and assistance in interview processes.
    Team members, partners, and applicants must contact a representative at Megastar HR to request an accommodation. Megastar HR will ethically maintain the privacy of your Accommodation Request, personal information, and medical records by keeping confidentiality and only disclosing the specifics of your situations to those who will grant or deny the accommodation. Megastar HR may request official documentation from a heath care provider regarding any medical accommodation. Partners, team members, and applicants are responsible for providing necessary medical information regarding the disability. Any lack of necessary information may result in an accommodation not being granted.
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